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  How quickly did you learn the game?

  Were the rules clear? If not, what made them hard to understand?

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  What suggestions do you have for the person/group that designed this game?

In the following section, read the statement on the left and then select a button on the right that indicates how strongly you disagree or agree with the statement as it relates to the site that you are evaluating.

Use the following scale:

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Game Play

 1    2    3    4    5
It was fun.
The Artistic/emotional impact of audio/visuals were excellent.
The interface was effective at communicating the purpose and state of the game.
The technical quality and richness of the audio/visuals was excellent.
It was interesting.

Overall Game Rating

Give the game an overall rating by selecting one of the choices below.

This game would be worth visiting ONLY if there was no other game to play.
This game was okay but not worth putting on my computer.
The game was good.
The game was very cool.
The game was totally awesome and it is the first thing it want to do when I start my computer.

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