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Personal Information:

Gender: Male Female

Grade Level: 9th 10th 11th 12th

How many Marshall Computer Courses have you completed?

This is my first computer course
Two computer courses completed
Three computer courses completed
Four computer courses completed
More than four computer courses com

Which course are you evaluating?

Computer Art
Computer Life Skills & Applications
Introductory Programming (Visual Basic)
Intermediate Programming (JAVA)
AP Computer Science (JAVA)
Independent Study - Programming in C++

Independent Study - Computer Life Skills & Applications
Computer Science - Honors Independent Study

Did you use any of the following Navigation Tools?

Course Notes Yes No
On-Going / Current Assignments Yes No
Useful Links / Tools Yes No
Past Assignments Yes No
Course Handouts Yes No
Quizes Yes No
Library of Students Works Yes No
Course Information Yes No
Home Yes No
Search Yes No
Bookmark / Favorites Yes No
Trace Yes No
Re-Trace Yes No
Bulletin Board Yes No

Best grade for a Marshall School computer literacy course:

5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th

Should Marshall School require a computer literacy course in the Middle School?

Yes No

In the following section, read the statement on the left and then select a button
on the right that indicates how strongly you disagree or agree with the statement
as it relates to the Course Website that you are evaluating.

Use the following scale:

1 Disagree Strongly
2 Disagree
3 No Strong Opinion
4 Agree
5 Agree Stongly

General Questions

 1    2    3    4    5
This course supported the mission of Marshall School.
The instructor was well-prepared for the course.
The online course assignments were clearly stated and appropriate in meeting course objectives.
The instructor clearly stated the course objectives and content on the syllabus.
The course Exam/Test questions submitted through the online quiz modules reflected course content.
The instructor returned submitted assignments and provided feedback that was useful and timely for me to meet my course objectives.
The instructor provides discussion topics that allow the student to think critically about the concepts presented on the Webpage.
Technical problems that occurred during the semester were addressed promptly and effectively by the Marshall School technical support team.
The course's Webpage has been a valuable resource.

Page Layout
The page is attractive and makes me want to see more.
The information on the page is organized in a way that makes it easy to follow.
The overall effect of the page was attractive.
Heading are used to separate different sections of the page.
I was able to scan the page quickly to see the important parts.
The same layout style was used throughout the page(s).
The background pattern or image made the text difficult to read.
The size of the fonts were appropriately selected.
There was nothing distracting on the page that prevented me from viewing the data.
I was able to view the contents of the page without scrolling left and right.
There was information about the person who created the page and how to contact them.
The page contained graphics which added to the usefulness of the page.
The graphics were of an appropriate size.

I was able to easily move from page to page.
The links were easy to distinguish.
All of the links worked.
I could get back to the previous or main page from a link on the page.
The page provided links to related sites.
The content of the page was well written and it lacked spelling and grammatical errors.

The information found here made me want to visit the site again.
I learned something when I visited this site.
The course description includes the system requirements.
There are online documents & handouts for the course.

Overall Site Rating

Give the Course Website an overall rating by selecting one of the choices below.

This site would be worth visiting ONLY if there was no place else to go.
This site was okay but not worth placing in my bookmark file.
The site was well designed and had some good information.
The site was very cool and I immediately bookmarked it so I could visit it again.
The site was totally awesome and I have set it to be the first page that I see when I start up my browser.

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